This is a tribute to the collaboration, and to everyone who supported the project.

The Weekend Press



In the spring of 2013 we were on a mission to feature the beauty of letterpress printing in the form of ten unique experiences of Oakland, California. Through the talented works of a small group of friends—illustrators and designers working in the Bay Area—the project culminated into a pictorial collection of prints. We expanded the series with two additional artworks that combine the techniques of letterpress and hot foil stamping. Each piece is hand printed and highlights a distinctive part of the city we call home.

This is a tribute to the collaboration, and to everyone who supported the project. Thank you for being a part of Oakland Illustrated.

Meet the founders

Oakland Illustrated is a collaborative project from The Weekend Press, a letterpress studio founded by Jenny Pan and Peter Pham in 2013. They met in design school and started working as designers in the creative field for a range of studios and companies in San Francisco. Together they formed The Weekend Press to breathe new life in an age-old printing process that they were both passionate about.

Through the process, they wanted to serve the design community, work with other creatives to translate their work on screen to tangible experiences on paper. Alongside custom work, they also designed and produced simple things for people to enjoy including art prints, stationery, and home goods. When they're not in the studio, they are happiest spending time with their dog, traveling and exploring new cuisines, building useful things with their hands and discovering treasures from unexpected places.